Restaurant and Hospitality HR Management
Meyers provides premier restaurant human resources services combined with real-restaurant HR experience and the latest technology.
Filling key management positions can be challenging for restaurant owners and operators. Utilizing 30 years of hospitality experience, Meyers is able to identify managers, chefs or candidates with the required skills, from within the house or outside the business, and set them up for success in filling management roles. Both strategies, external recruiting and promoting from within, ensures that existing members of your staff have opportunities for growth. It is the key to a superior management team, and a true asset to your business.


• Policy Reviews and
• Employee Relations
• Sales/Financial Audits

•Talent Recruitment
• Services for Merger and Acquisition Transactions
• Restaurant Pre and Post-Opening HR Support
• Restaurant Compliance System Reviews
• Restaurant Safety Initiatives and Training
• Organizational Alignment and Development
• Chefs/Management Training and Development
• Hospitality Communications Systems
• Company Handbook and Employee Manual Review and/or Development

•Worker’s Compensation Claims processing
• Company Compliance System Review
• Client Relations
• Waste and Loss Prevention
We help existing and aspiring restaurateurs through everything from concept development for restaurant startups, restaurant design and construction, and menu creation to operational assessment for restaurant turnaround, marketing, HR management, employee training and new restaurant opening initiatives.