About Meyers Restaurant Consulting

Chef Meyers has a distinct passion for food that inspires every aspect of his consulting practice. This passion is a result of 30 years of successfully helping existing and aspiring restaurateurs through everything from concept development for restaurant startups, restaurant design and construction, menu creation, bar management operation assessment for restaurant turnaround, to marketing, FOB/BOH employee training for new restaurant opening. Meyer passionately shares every aspect of his client’s celebration in their ultimate successes
Meyers is a professional restaurant consultant with a degree in Culinary Arts, who has served as a chef, restaurant owner and manager. Efficiency has always been the foundation of Meyers brand in the foodservice industry. As a premier restaurant consultant, Meyers developed innovative ideas and created sustainable products to drive up sales and bottom-line profits. He understands how to minimize risks and maximize your investment and can provide you with essential information that supports your ability to make sound business decisions to optimize the performance of your food service operation.

He specializes in launching new restaurant startups and turnarounds, jump-start financially struggling restaurants, and assist with any aspect of your food service operation. Meyers has been a strategic resource to independent restaurant owners within every dining segment, from fast-paced food concepts and the reopening of The Essex House Hotel's restaurants and banquet facilities in New York City, to four-star NY Times turnaround for the French Restaurant La Coquille in Manhasset NY.
New restaurant owners are strongly advised to consult with a reputable restaurant professional who can mentor and guide them through the critical decisions associated with a restaurant startup.

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