Royal Wine Corporation

Royal Wine Corporation is the leading importer, producer and
distributor of kosher foods, wines,
spirits and liqueurs in the world.
Psagot winery was established in 2003 and has been growing steadily ever since. Today the winery produces over 750,000 bottles that include 15 different types of quality wines.

Happy Hearts Wine imports the finest boutique wines from the most elite Israeli and Italian winemakers. From white to red, dry to sweet, our wines are an experience to be savored.

Empire Merchants

New York's premier distributors of wine and

Bartenura wine

Bartenura wine is an international brand of the Royal Wine Company, a kosher wine manufacturer. The wine is sourced from the Provincia di Pavia, Italy and is named for Rabbi Ovadia ben Avraham of Bertinoro (known as Bartenura), the 15th century Italian rabbi.

Wine Novelties



New York's premier distributors of wine and

Bee's Beverage Corporation

Hamilton,  NJ
United States

Cold Pressok


Ceska Whiskey

Trebic - Zamosti,  Vysocina
Czech Republic

Cape Jewel Wines

South Africa

Equine Coffee

New York,  NY
United States

Jailhouse Spirits / Got Attitude Vodka

Hamden, CT

United States

Saratoga Spring Water Company

America’s premium domestic spring water, our products are made from the finest spring water, bottled in award-winning packaging, and guaranteed by the experience gained from our 140+ year history.
Saratoga Springs,  NH United States

Brooklyn Food & Beverage,LLC

Brooklyn,  NY
United States

Chilla Beverage Co

Boca Raton,  FL
United States

Blue Power Energy Drinks

United Arab Emirates