Crest Hollow Country Club is proud to present New Star Caterers as our exclusive in-house Glatt Kosher Caterer.

Certified and endorsed by the Orthodox Union, we can proudly boast to be the only Long Island Country Club to have a full-time, separate, year-round Glatt Kosher kitchen on premises.

Our combined teams of acclaimed and skilled professionals, have flawlessly integrated to create the perfect synergy of dynamic, unique, and creative foods, along with the legendary impeccable service that the Crest Hollow Country Club is famous for.

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Located in Flushing Meadows Park,Terrace On The Park is a wedding venue with over 40 years' experience serving both our Orthodox community,as well as the broader population. With its Orthodox clientele in mind,Terrace On The Park hosts weddings, bar mitzvahs,brises,and numerous other Jewish organizational and institutional events.

ere at The Grove in Cedar Grove, NJ, we serve as the truly unique and breathtaking venue for all of life’s memorable events. Whether it’s a wedding with 700 guests, a social event for 100 friends, or a corporate gathering for your team, it’s your event. Your day.

We’ll call in our elite event planning and management teams, our versatile chef and kitchen staff and more, all to create an event that’s truly you. We tap into our many years of expert planning, celebrated creativity, and unending sense of fun. Your job is simply to relax and savor each moment as the memories are made.

Ephi’s Catering is not your typical catering company.

Simply put – we love what we do – and our clients do too.

Every event is inspired with an impeccable attention to detail, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free experience with your guests.

Our “second to none” customer service features creative menus that are always seasonal, market-fresh, and modern.

It’s our mission to deliver our clients a unique catering experience.

Simcha Palace Glatt Kosher Restaurant

Simcha Palace Glatt Kosher Restaurant in 73-27 Main St, Queens, NY 11367. .

Outdoor Weddings

Turn Your Backyard Into a Stunning Wedding Venue and Social Events: Wedding Tips. First and foremost, verify if you can aquire from your town permint to erect a tent and provide music in you earia.

To do list for outdoor tent weddings and social events

Turn Your Backyard Into a Stunning Wedding Venue or a Social Event: Wedding Tips. First and foremost, verify if you can aquire from your town permint to erect a tent and provide music in you earia.
(1. Specialy for Weddings, make sure your rental tent is spotless and not visibly damaged (2. Mesure the area where the event will take place prior to the tent rental 3. Make sure the tent has clear side drop covers in the event it starts raining 4. On a hot day you may want to secure fan ventilation or AC rentals which can get costly 5. Astro-turf is recommended for unpaved area You going to need Solid interlocking Wood for a dance floor. Size according to the band size 6. Tent rental company provides lighting 7. The flour shop provides tent ornaments and decor 8. Choose a reputable caterer that is going to invite you to his facility to try out samples of the reception food and if possible the entrees as well prior to the event 9. Caterer prints out a contract detailing the entire menu including the reception, sit down, and desserts smorgasbord. 10. The contract includes a deposit amount and payment schedule 11. Aditional Contracts: Photographer and vidiographer 12. Entertainment 13. Florist 14. caterer to provide Bartenders, floor staff, cleaning crew, trash management, and Event Manager 15. The caterer requires off premises liquor license for the event 16. Ask the caterer if he is going to require a cooking tent 17 . Caterer provides food heating equipment, ice, refrigeration, and beverages 18. Ask the caterer if he is going to use refrigerated trucks for holding cold food, if he does, you may need to allocate suitable ground for trucking 19. Ask the caterer If they are going to conduct cooking on your premises

  • Permit for townhall
  • Tent Rental & Ventilation
  • The Florist
  • Dance Floor
  • The Caterer Contract
  • Entertainment
  • Reception arraignment
  • CATERING - Stations Menu & Staffing
  • Event Management
  • Liqouer License
  • Heating Equipment
  • Cooking and Prep Tent
  • Refrigeration
  • Bar & Beverage
  • Trucking