13 Food Categories

Each category includes 4 cards 1-4. 13 X 4 = 52 Plus 2 Wiles cards, 54 cards in total.

2 Wild Cards

A legal play is card that either matches the color, the group, a number or it’s a wild card. If the first card flipped by the dealer is a draw for a wild card, the card is placed back in the middle of the deck and another card is drawn. Wild card may be played on any color, group or number. Wild card allows you to play a second card from your hand, on top of the wild card that you already played, and the next card is played by the next player seating clockwise. A draw for a wild may be played when you don’t have a card in your hand that matching the color category played. Wild cards represent any color, number or group no color when they are played.