1.   Anyone who doesn't engage in being fruitful and multiplying is as if he?

2.     What happens to man’s sins when he marries a woman?

3.     What does (Proverbs 18:22) say about one who has found a wife?

4.     When can one sell a Sefer Torah?

5.     At what age It is incumbent on every man that they should marry a woman?

6.     What are the things that might delay marriage?

7. Who spends all of his entire life engrossed in Torah study and did not marry a woman and is not considered a sinner? 1:4

7.     When does men fulfills the obligation of fruitful and multiply?

8. If a man and a woman bear children and they die, and they leave behind sons, the man dies having fulfilled the mitzvah to be fruitful and multiply. What are the circumstances for this case?

9. Under what circumstances a man may marry a number of women?  

10. Who decreed a cherem for one who marries [another] in addition to his wife?

11. Was a Takanah made in relation to forbidding and to excommunicate a person who takes more than one wife?

12. Is a woman obligated in the mitzvah of being fruitful and multiplying?  


1. Israelite man should always make an effort to marry this type of daughter:

2. Is it a prohibition or a mitzvah for a man to marry the daughter of his sister?

3. Should an am ha'aretz marry a cohen?

4. Why a young man should not marry an old woman and an old man should not marry a young girl?  

5. Is it permitted to for a man to announce from the beginning that he is going to marry a woman for a few days with the intention of divorcing her?

6. Should a man marry a woman in one land and marry another woman in a different land?  


1. Should we give First Aliya (Cohen) to one of the "Anusim" (Jews who were forced to convert) if one of them bears witness that one of them is Muchzak (known by Hazaka) in priesthood? 


2. For how long a child, males or females, born of an arayot union and Gibeonites are forbidden in the assembly?

2. Amonites and Moabites are forbidden to come to the assembly if Israel?  

3. Egyptian woman who is pregnant when she converts, what is the statues of is her son or daughter after birth?

4. An Egyptian convert who marries a [female] Amonite convert, the child [from such a union] is an Egyptian for how many generation?

5. Can a slave wed a Jewish woman after he was immersed in the mikva with the intent of keeping him as a slave?  

6. Can a Jew wed a maid-servant, whether she belongs to him or anyone else?  

7.     What is the definition of mamzer?  

8.     A woman whose husband is presumed dead at sea, and becomes married to another man, but then later learns that her initial husband is alive: what is the status of any child born from the second marriage?

9.     A woman whose husband is presumed dead, if the first husband returns to her before the second [husband] divorces her, and bears a child, what is the status of the child?  

10. If a man who is half slave half free man cohabits with a married woman, what is the remedy for the offspring?

11. What is a status of a child that was born to female or male Israelite who marries a bastard child?  

12. Can a convert marry a daughter of a Jew?  

13. When does this general principle of mamzer should only marry a female mamzer apply?

14. Other nations, after they convert are they are permitted to marry into the congregation?