One who arises to supplicate before his creator should aim for the hours when the heavenly watches are changing, which are at:
It is fitting for every person who has fear of Heaven to be anguished and concerned regarding the destruction of the Temple.
Better few supplications with concentration than much without concentration.
Is it permissible to recite the Ten Commandments each day in congregation?
 Should One should recite the passages of the sacrifices except by day and night?

Why one should not put on his under-garment from a sitting position (Tur), but should rather take his under-garment and insert into it his (head and) arms while he is still lying down?

Why one should not say (to oneself): "I am now in an inner room - who can see me?"

Why one should be particular to put on the undergarment the way it goes, so that it he should not turn it inside out?

Which shoe one should put on first and and and which shoe one should fasten it firts? after that put on the left one and fasten it, and return and fasten the right one?

When one takes off one's shoes, which one should be taken off first?

It is permited to walk in an [overly] upright posture? 

Why one should not walk [a distance of] four amot with the head uncovere

Siman 3

How to Conduct Oneself in the Bathroom. Containing 17 Se'ifim:

In. (Berachot 60b), what our sages say to recite when one enters the bathroom?

Is one permited to talk in the Bathroom?

Entering the bathroom, how many tefachim a man may expose himself from behind and how many tefachim in front of himself?

Entering the bathroom, how many tefachim a woman may expose herself from behind and how many tefachim in front of himself?

If one defecates in an open place in which there are no partitions, in what direction he should orient himself?

Even if one's wife is not with him, is it proper to sleep from north to south or west to east? 

After one defeicates, should one wipe himself with the left hand or right hand?

 After entering the bathroom, why it is of a concern for one to wipe with earthenware?

Unless he is married, from where one should take care to grasp the organ (brit) when urinating? 

Is it permitted to aid [urination] from the testicles and below, even for one who is not married?

One who is married is he permitted to grasp the organ (brit) to urinate or brush against it?

Which commandment one transgresses when he delays his cavities to relieve himself [from elimination]?

Why one should be careful to wash one's hands three times after "mode ani" as soon as he gets up from sleeping?

Is it permited for one to put his hands in his mouth, ears, eyes, or nose before washing one's hands?

Why one should not touch a container of beer?

How much water it is necessary to use for hand-washing [prior to] prayer?