Operation Assessment

Meyers will examine each moving and stationary part of your restaurant in an effort to identify what’s working and what’s not. By performing an objective assessment of a concept, Meyers can discover potential efficiencies and deficiencies, cost savings and improvements in the back of house, front of house and management procedures.

While each operations assessment tailors to the needs of each unique concept situation, Meyers always begins by thoroughly reviewing all operational materials, training manuals, and documents prior to visiting a specific location. Meyers is equipped with 30 years of culinary and hospitality experience, as well as an understanding of all food service systems and processes. To check the pulse of the operation, Meyers spends time onsite from pre-opening to pre-closing. Meyers will also compare any written standards to today’s standard, noting opportunities for improvement as well as bringing up to par any gaps in operational systems.

You will receive detailed assessment of your complete concept. At its conclusion, you will walk away with a comprehensive set of recommendations that will improve food service operational excellence, food handling, product quality and guest satisfaction, boosting both top-line sales and bottom-line profits.

While restaurants can benefit greatly from an expert opinion and an objective outsider’s view, it is critical for growing concepts to establish standardized systems and processes to efficiently sustain and nurture.

Areas of counsel include:
• Concept Notebook
• Business Plan
• Space Plan